Lock Gates – Serenity Cove

New lock gates for a waterside housing estate on the Gold Coast

Ships Correctable Stairs

20Mtr Ships Correctable Stairs

Ships Gangway – Chowder Bay

This is the longest ships gangway that we have designed and built here at DWW to date, spanning 22mtr at a maximum incline of 30deg. Designed and built to DWW ‘In house’ typical design, this gangway conforms to all the requirements of ISO7061 (Gangways for Sea Going Vessels).

In addition to the primary function of the gangway, it has the facilities to be winched along the wharf between the ship and it’s resting storage location. As you can see it also has an anti-slip floor covering for added safety.

The mounting for this gangway is designed to hook over the ship’s hawser rail. This allows for use on a variety of different ships that may dock at the facility.

West End Gangway

DWW was contracted to detail and fabricate a 23m gangway for an upgrade to the existing West End City Cat terminal.

Watson Bay

Detail and fabricate a replacement aluminium access ramp and gangway for ‘Watson Bay Baths’ in Sydney.

Sarus Tower

Multiple replacement patched had to be installed over corroded and damaged areas.

Newcastle Tug Base

DWW designed, certified and fabricated a new access to the tug docking dolphins.

Hamilton North Shore

We were contracted to detail and fabricate a 23m gangway for a new ferry terminal.

Gladstone Port

We were contracted to fabricate new marine marker towers to the new shipping channel into Curtis island.

City Cat Ferry Terminal Upgrade

DWW were contracted to fabricate 3 off new flood resistant and disabled compliant gangways for Bulimba, Brett’s Wharf and Hawthorne City Cat ferry terminals as part of BCC flood recovery upgrades.