< Back To Projects190Mtr3 Lime Saturator Tank

Scope of Work: 190Mtr3 Lime Saturation tank and associated access platforms and components
Key Elements: 1-off Tank, gantry bridge, tank circumferential platforms and access stairway

DWW Engineering has fabricated 1 off new 190,000 ltr Lime Saturator Tank to be used in the upgrade to Landers Shute Water Treatment Facility. Due to it’s large size, the tank was fabricated in two halves to allow for transportation to the painters and to site. This itself created a large fabrication challenge in ensuring that the 2 halves marry perfectly during fabrication and more importantly after welding.

All welding was carried out to 1554.1 SP to approved procedures and qualifications with a high level of magnetic particle and ultrasonic NDE inspection.